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            Generator set enterprises started in 2004

            Scientific and customized overall solution of generator set

            National consultation hotline


            Fujian Hongling mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. is an equipment service provider integrating product R & D, production, sales and after-sales service. It is located in Baogai Industrial Zone, a livable and industrial coastal city. It mainly produces and sells seven types of diesel generator sets, including ordinary type, automatic type, multi machine grid connected type, low noise type, mobile power station type, unattended type and remote centralized microcomputer monitoring type. The power part selects domestic and imported engines according to the needs of customers, and matches with high-quality all copper generators to provide the most professional power solutions.

            Fujian Hongling electrical machinery group is widely used in government, schools, water conservancy, ports, highways, ships, railways, airports, power plants, hotels, troops and other places. It is an ideal emergency power equipment, which is deeply trusted and supported by all walks of life. We always adhere to the high standards and strict requirements of product quality, adhere to the enterprise principle of "survival based on price, development based on quality", adhere to the contract, abide by the credit and integrity, and combine advanced technology and testing means to seek perfection and benefit and quality.

            Fujian Hongling will be committed to the future, be realistic and pragmatic, improve quality, and adhere to the development of integrity. At the same time, we also solemnly promise that we will never let any unqualified product leave the factory, guarantee that no customer will be damaged, strictly abide by the provisions of the contract, combine regularly and irregularly, check the product condition to the user, repair it in time, and repair it on call within the period specified in the contract, that is, repair it on arrival, so as to ensure the normal operation and work of the diesel generator set produced by our company Normal, make sure users can use it safely.


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